Acquiring raising abilities on the golden mean of rational knowledge and intuitive wisdom

A Te felemelkedésed, ONLINE, ÁTALAKÍTÓ WORKSHOP SOROZAT - Rózsás Andrea

It’s time to raise from Hell on Earth to Heaven on Earth!

In the Your Ascension online transformation workshop series, you will learn how to become an Ascendant, that is, how to rise above your current level of consciousness, where you can find your Higher Power without getting lost in the spiritual “pink fog”. You will learn about the Ascension model, which creates a safe space for your own Ascension, where you can continuously rise and get closer and closer to the level of consciousness of your Higher Self. Your Acension is not only for yourself, but also for the rise of the level of consciousness of all humanity, so that the human consciousness rises from the closed Hell on Earth dominated by the ego to the earthly Paradise guided by the wisdom of the Higher Self and has access to its higher-level possibilities.

Who do I recommend it to?

I recommend the Your Ascension workshop series to those modern women who, although they are open to spirituality, do not want to get lost in the so-called “pink fog”, but want to learn how to create a balance between their rational and intuitive parts, which will make their lives more harmonious and to a higher level are raised.

You are needed because no one can raise you up without you!


Ascension happens in our everyday life. I invite you to join us and we will create your New , Higher-Self based on the Ascension-model, so that you will be able to realize yourself on a higher level! During the workshop series, you will develop Ascension skills that will give you enough courage, knowledge, experience, and self-confidence to raise to a higher level of consciousness and live the life you were born to live! With the Your Ascension workshop series, you will develop your Ascension consciousness and understand that you too can achieve what the Masters have achieved, even here and now, in this lifetime. The Gate of Ascension is open to you!

Your Ascension workshop series gives you the knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to:

  • raise your life to a higher level than the current one, access the Higher Power,
  • create your new self,
  • become able to do more and achieve more,
  • make Ascension decisions, that will enable you to make easier and better decisions in your life.
  • develop a deeply loving, kind and safe relationship with yourself,
  • accept love,
  • develop your capacity for Higher Faith, which will bring incredible effective change to your life,
  • be able to apply the Ascending Cleansing Ritual and find out what the next step in your development is,
  • learn and experience consciousness raising practices,
  • ….and many more, read feedbacks at the bottom of the page!


With the Ascension model, we lay the foundation for your Ascension

Part I of the YOUR ASCENSION workshop series consists of 5 modules. During the workshop series, we create a strong, stable, solid foundation on which you can safely raise to realize yourself on a higher level. You will learn the cornerstones of your Ascension, which we will bring to life together.


In the 1st module of the Your Ascension online workshop series, we will talk about DECISION, so that you can consciously decide in favor of Ascension from your current situation, with which you begin your Ascension. It sounds simple, but believe it or not, there are many people who know about Ascension, are learning about it, but have not yet consciously decided on their own Ascension! In this workshop, you will see your life from a new perspective, you will realize that you too can Ascend, and we will strengthen this with Ascension skills and Ascension exercises.

In this workshop, you will learn how to become an Ascendant, to free yourself from being stuck and to reach and realize your higher-level potential. I will guide you all the way through laying the first foundation stone of your Ascension, with which you will start building your own House of Ascension, your space of Ascension, where you will safely create your new Self. We activate your Ascension pattern, strengthen it emotionally, rationally and energetically. You will master the decision-making ability of Ascension, with which you will be able to make easier and better decisions even in everyday life.


In the 2nd module, we will focus on LOVE. During the workshop you will develop a higher level of connection with yourself that is deeply loving, kind and safe and that enables you to receive love from others. With the self-love exercise, you bring your most lovable self to life.


Where is the Savior?

The Ascendant is able to transcend dogmatic systems. In this module you will learn and experience how the Higher Faith supports your Ascension.


What is the Universe telling YOU?

In the 4th module, to gain Spiritual knowledge you will learn techniques how to:

Cleansing the space,

Cleansing your own energetic field,

Activating the Palm Chakra,

Reading cards,

Using a Pendulum .

You will also get to know what the next step in your development is.

After the four modules, from a spiritual individual you will become an Ascendant. Your consciousness of Ascension is formed.


Now you are ready, you have the foundation to master the magical practice of Ascending Action and manifest your future with it, which can result in a huge leap in your Ascension even higher!


MAY, 2023

On this day, you will get access to the 1st workshop video and you can watch the video whenever it is most convenient for you, until midnight on Sunday. You get access to the other workshops one by one, on Wednesdays each week, and you have the opportunity to watch the videos until midnight on the Sunday of that week.

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After 13 years of Ascension work – learning, perception, research, development, teaching – I put together the Ascension Model in 2020, which enables you to continuously ascend on stable foundations in a safe manner. I can’t wait to pass this wisdom on to you. Rise with us too!

I look forward to seeing you!

With Love,
Andrea Rozsas

Creator and Leader of SoulBreath Ascension Program

Please find my introduction here:

The Your Ascension workshop series is the 3rd level of my Ascension Program.


Here You can read what the participants who have already completed the Your Ascension workshop series and laid the foundation for their Ascension have to say.

“I would like to share my experiences with you. I have been studying with Teacher Andrea Rózsás for 7 and a half years. When we met, my life was practically hanging by a thread. I did not have a normal relationship, I did not have a home, I was struggling to make ends meet, I was planning to drop my university studies, I was constantly fighting with my parents and I could go on and on. On the other hand, I was very spiritual, I used a lot of the energy techniques I had already mastered, I meditated and of course I thought I knew everything. Andrea always drew my attention to the importance of action and emphasized getting my life in order on a physical level. At the time, I did not understand the importance of this at all . Until today, I have not heard from any other spiritual teacher the need to act on the physical level and the importance of establishing a stable foundation for physical life. When I look around, in most cases I see spiritual teachers who struggle with difficulties and shortcomings in physical life, but pretending how spiritual they are. It empowers me with security and confidence that Andrea’s life serves as an example. She leads us by example. – Brigitta N.

Thanks to Andrea, I managed to anchor my life, I put my relationship in order, I got married, we are expecting our 2nd child (who by the way is a “Your Ascension workshop” baby), we live in a nice family house, I became an architect, my mother became one of my most important allies and I could list more. I am grateful for the amount of help, support and teaching I received from Andrea and thank you for never giving up on me, even when I would have given up on myself… – Brigi

“I learned how to love myself. I had already heard about loving myself before, I knew that I had to love myself somehow, but until now I didn’t know how. I found out, learned and it works at the 2nd workshop of your Ascension workshop series. After the 3rd workshop, my anxiety disappeared. I was very worried before that. Not one bit left. It’s completely gone!” – Nikoletta J.

“Once again, this workshop series gave me a lot. Uplifting experiences and a lot of practical knowledge. And what I think is important to mention is that there are already tangible, visible results in my life. Thank you, Andrea!” – Zsuzsanna.

For me, the Your Ascension workshop series allowed me to really love myself, believe in myself and dare to make decisions in my life. All sessions were special and brought me wonderful rapid development. I can enjoy existence without forgetting, my faith has been completely strengthened. I apply what I have learned.” –Betty.

Dear Andrea! I thank you with gratitude and love for all modules of the Your Ascension workshop. For me, looking at my own life, I received a special realization. What was really important to me until now served me the least. I had to realize and think that during my life what order of importance have I established so far and what I urgently need to change. Self-love and time devoted to myself / My Time / which is very important. Thank you for highlighting it and for the foundations. The experiences lived in meditation were wonderful. I’m trying to use this blessed knowledge in my own way and live with it. May blessings and endless love accompany you on your journey! Hugs, Joli”

“I am very grateful that I could be a part of the Your Ascension workshop series! Every single module gave me a lot of energy, it strengthened my acceptance and awareness. Thank you very much! If there is an opportunity, I would be happy to join the continuation.” – Katie.