The mankind of today are in the state of a huge transformation that is called Ascension. ASCENSION is the collective inner transformation process, a huge leap according to my definition. Old systems and the old world are falling apart and a New World is forming. We are all parts of this change and it concerns every part of our lives.

People are becoming more and more conscious on physical, spiritual and intellectual levels.

Spiritual people know that their bodies, souls and spirits don’t work separately, but as ONE. Anything that happens on one level passes through the ONE and has an effect on every part of it. Keeping the ONE in health can’t be restricted to one level only. You can live healthily only when you see yourself as a physical, spiritual and intellectual unity.


Ascension fast is the physical, spiritual and intellectual purification of conscious people for their health.

We humans are the part of Nature, but for the past centuries we’ve got further and further from it. We start to remember again in the process of Ascension. It’s time to return to the original rhythm of life to live in union, in HARMONY with Nature.


You can start the 40-day fast from this day that lasts till the Spring Equinox. The Light that was born at the Winter Solstice is growing and will overcome darkness by the time of the Spring Equinox.

Ascension fast means release, getting rid of poisons of the body, getting rid of spiritual-emotional and intellectual-mental poisons in order to have the purest New start possible with the Spring Equinox.

Let this be one of our New habits in the New world that we are building NOW!


Your body will be cleansed, you can get rid of negative energies, thoughts that pull you down, you can live more freely and easily, you can pick up on the vibe of the world and can start a new period with the Spring Equinox, with Nature and the Sun that symbolizes your Higher Self.


Ascension fast happens on the following three levels:

  • physical-bodily,
  • spiritual-emotional,
  • and intellectual-mental level.


Our reality, our physical body and the Earth are rearranging in the process of Ascension.

Naturally every change affects every level. If you change on physical level you will affect the amount of harming energies with conscious nourishment.

Ascension fast is not self-flagellation! You don’t need to suffer! The most important thing is to purify the physical body from poisons.

IMPORTANT: Please consider your state of health in connection with the Ascension fast and make decisions responsibly. Contact your doctor if needed for advice.The Ascension fast under the age of 28 is not recommended.

It’s important to drink water during Ascension fast. Besides, light meals help to purify the body. Reduce the amount of food, have mainly soup, vegetables and fruit. It’s suggested to have a light dinner before 7 o’clock and just relax after 9 o’clock.

alcohol, game and red meat, white sugar, white flour, snacking.
If you smoke, reduce the number of cigarettes with 10-, 20-, 30-, 40-, 50 percent every week during those 40 days. (Ask your doctor for advice if necessary!) Reduce coffein if you drink a lot of coffee, drink one cup of coffein-free coffee and lose the last cup in the evening, in the end you’re fasting and would like to purify.

We must make sacrifices for the goal, which can be uncomfortable sometimes, but never suffering. Always keep your goal in mind, that your body is purifying.

I suggest that professionals should have a complete purifying detox program.


The spiritual-emotial cleaning means you get rid of the negative feelings. Negative emotions, negative energies like fear, greed, envy, hate, aggression, anxiety and lack of love.
It would be nice to get rid of more and more of these negative energies!

The harmful negative energies in the body and soul will be reduced with conscious nourishment and you can make it more effective with a number of different ways.

Energetic cleaning and empowering:
Integrated Energy Therapy ® or shortly IET® is an energy healing method that works in the human energy field and purifies supressed emotional energy blockages in particular. It’s important to notice that it isn’t a substitute for any medical or psychoterapy treatment.  

Ascension starts with the opening of the Heart chakra. Love becomes the essential quality of the New world after transformation. Join the ORganized LOvesending if you haven’t done it yet!


Take your time regularly to think and meditate alone and in silence during the days of the Ascension Fast.
You must understand, you must know what is happening in the process of Ascension. The Roses of Ascension book is a great help for this.  Reading the book and carrying out the exercises you can consciously handle the signs that come up in your life and can transform your difficulties and negative qualities. Doing so you’ll become happier and happier and you can live a more and more harmonious, more fulfilling life and can find your own true treasures.  

I suggest those who have completed the Ascension courses that they should perform Balancing and use the SoulBreath Flame if needed every Sunday.

Ascension fast opens the gates of a purer reality with a higher vibration for you!

The Spring Equinox is traditionally welcome by a Sound bath in Lélekzet Ház / SoulBreath House.
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Much Love:

Andrea Rózsás