The world is being transformed. What will happen to me?
Your Ascension

This book is about you and supports your Ascension.

The whole world, every aspect of life is undergoing a rapid transformation as we speak, and it begs the question: what will happen to you?

You are the Star of the Ascension! With this e-book you will learn the model of Ascension, that is a key to your Ascension and supports you in 8 steps how to ascend yourself from your present self to your Higher Self here on Earth, in your physical body and find new and better solutions in your life; using these you can help create humanity’s New Golden Age.

Andrea Rozsas has compiled a template with her Ascension experience of the past 13 years. She has named the first part of the Ascension model the ASCENSION HOUSE. In the Your Ascension e-book, You will learn how to build your own Ascension House, which will allow you to safely ascend along your journey of continual growth and reach your Higher Consciousness to enable you to live, feel, and think at a higher level and thus create new things.

This book is about YOU.


Andrea Rózsás
The world is being transformed. What will happen to me?
Your Ascension
This book is about you and supports your Ascension
Written by: Andrea Rózsás
A guide to the Ascension

Self-published 2020. ©Andrea Rózsás
All rights reserved
Translation: Koroknai Andrea
Page layout and proofreading: Centraldesign Győr
ISBN 978-615-00-9851-7



SoulBreath (LÉLEKZET®) Ascension Guide and Spiritual Self-awareness Trainer, Feminine Power™ Transformational Facilitator and Leader, certified Sound Therapy Master, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET®) Master-Instructor Trainer, the creator and leader of the SoulBreath (LÉLEKZET®) Ascension Program, ORganised LOvesending (ORLO) meditation and the the author of the book Roses of Ascension and the e-book Your Ascension. 

She works for Ascension through the teachings of spiritual self-awareness, the development of the inner senses and feminine power and the growth of consciousness. Andrea is deeply committed to raising modern women up from their stuckness and supporting them to self-realize on a higher level. She not only passes on information through her courses, lectures, programs and books but provides tools for Ascension to help you raise up your life and reach your higher possibilities. She has held several hundred courses, workshops, and group events with several thousands of participants. She is the mother of two children and a happily married woman.