Welcome to my SoulBreath Ascension world, on the Golden Middleway of rational knowledge and intuitive wisdom!

This is the world of spiritual knowledge, transformation, love, self-awareness, spiritual energy and higher vibrations that will help you to understand the relatedness of Life and support you to live your Great Mission consciously  in love, peace and wisdom.

You can see the Flower of SoulBreath above. The three petals represent three different kind of energies, ways, dimensions of Ascension.

The Violet Ray is a spiritual energy with a transforming power. It is called Violet Flame of St Germain, Violet Flame, Cosmic Eraser or Carma Cleaning Power. There are many ways to work with it.

The Golden Energy is the Energy of the Ascension, the collective transformational process and shift of humanity. None would think that Homo sapiens sapiens, a human race which had evolved 30,000 years before would be the last, fully evolved, highest level of the human race, should anyone? I invite you to click here to receive information about Ascension: https://rosesofascension.com

The Turquoise Power is the inner peace and the creative energy living inside us. If you click here  you can find information and methods concerning to this energy: https://integraltenergia.hu/index.php?oldal=turkiz-ero&lang=en 


Much love, joy and happiness

Andrea Rozsas


Founder and leader of SoulBreath (LÉLEKZET®) Ascension Program, Spiritual Self-awareness Trainer, certified Feminine Power™ Transformational Facilitator, Leader, qualified Sound Therapy Master, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET®) Master-Instructor Trainer, creator and leader of ORganised LOvesending (ORLO) and the author of the book Roses of Ascension and the e-book Your Ascension. 

She works towards the Ascension through the teachings of spiritual self-awareness, the development of the inner senses and feminine power, the growth of consciousness. Andrea not only passes on information through her courses, lectures, programs and books but provides tools for Ascension to help you raise up your life and reach your higher possibilities. She has held several hundred courses, workshops, and group events with several thousands of participants. She is the mother of two children and a happily married woman.


I live in Europe with my husband and two children, half way between two capitals, Vienna and Budapest, close to a nature reserve so I can exist in the stillness neighbouring the vorticular everydays. I can be able to make my spiritual work here. I try to understand my experiences I lived over with my inner senses, I try to get insight on life and to see the world with its connections. I believe in the synthesis of the ancient traditions and the new teachings. I received every station on my way with the help of my inner guidance. I devoted plenty of time for learning, teaching and helping others as well as the everyday engrossment, meditation – all had been gates during my journey leading to the world of higher consciousness, higher possibilities, higher and higher vibrational energies. 

I am too spiritual for rational people and too rational for spiritual people.

I walk the Golden Middle Way.


I hold a degree in cultural management, non-profit management and event management. I work as the leader of  SoulBreath Ascension Program, Spiritual Self-awareness Trainer, Feminine Power™ Transformational Facilitator and Leader, Sound Therapy Master, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET®) Master-Instructor Trainer.

I have been able to use my inner senses since I was a child. I always wanted to understand the Higher world, Higher Realms, Higher energies, Higher consciousness that according to my experiences live inside us and not outside of us. My purpose was to understand my inner abilities and develop them and use them consciously to get insight on life more deeply and see the world with its real connections. So, I attended to University Szintézis where I learned integrated alternative psychology, parapsychology, spiritual psychology, religion philosophy during a three-year self-awareness training. Simultaneously, I became acquainted with ancient tradition Hermetics, the only ancient tradition that subsisted in the Western culture, the Tarot, the Kabbalah, Hermetic astrology and mysteries, spiritual energies, angels.I also learnt ancient meditation methods from an enlightened Indian master and could practice with his group regularly.  I learnt from international masters and believe in the synthesis of the ancient traditions and the new teachings. 

Beside the theory I strived for the balance of theory and practice. This balance became very important for me as I realized that we need to focus on both our rational mind and creative inner power to be able to live in balance, in harmony. 


I found a wonderful energy therapy system created and founded in the USA, called Integrated Energy Therapy® or IET®. I received my first IET® Master-Instructor Level attunement in 2014, in the Netherlands. The Center of Being that supports IET® trainings in 75 countries chose me among nearly 3000 internationally registered IET instructors to the group of the best ones and I earned the title TOP IET® Instructors of 2014/2015/2016. Stevan J. Thayer who is the creator of IET® and founding director of The Center of Being, invited me to his IET® Master-Instructor Trainer training in the USA in 2017, where I took part the training and also got the attunement and became a certified IET® Trainer.

Meanwhile, I was certified as an Angel Diamond® therapist, learned Sound and Vibration Therapy, mastered Tibetian sound bowl, gong, diapason and also more complex sound therapy methods and combination of methods and  became a Sound Therapy Master later on.

I am certified as a Feminine Power™ Transformational Facilitator. This training with Claire A. Zammit Ph.d enabled me to become a highly trained professional facilitator leading workshops, women’s circles, retreats and more specializing in empowering self-actualizing women with leading edge transformational and Feminine Power tools.

All we learn and experience is a constant streaming – a progress and not a finished, closed, ready knowledge. One gate opens another during our advance and we have the keys.



A vision in 2005 made me to open to the outside world. In my vision two golden angels appeared with trumps surrounding a huge rainbow circle. I received all details of my then-assignment. The task was to make a spiritual circle in the city I lived in that time and to organize lectures and meditations. You can see the front page of our first leaflet on the picture, the title is: RAINBOW CIRCLE (referring to the 7 colours, symbolizing the 7 main energy centers we must go through on our self-awareness journey).


The year 2007 brought new perspectives for me. I received the ASCENSION vision. Me and my three lady-friends were meditating on a regular basis and made investigations based on the massages we had received. Beside numerous spiritual messages, the most important factor of my then-life stood out in my mind’s eye and I devoted all my time to understand this process. This vision showed me the possibility of the Ascension, the process by which humanity will be reborn. ASCENSION is a new path opening up in front of humanity. This is a path of love, knowledge and action based on them, that will lead us out of chaos and elevate us to a higher, conscious, harmonious world. I can support you to reach your higher self, your higher consciousness to find your higher possibilities and the higher meaning of your life to be able to actualize yourself on that higher level. I work towards the Ascension through the teachings of spiritual self-awareness, the development of the inner senses, and the growth of consciousness.  I not only pass on information through my courses, lectures, and books but provide tools for Ascension to help you raise up your life. I offer workshops, meditations, group programs. This is the work which streams from my most inner essence. We may call this a mission, too.


Introducing, offering new programs, trainings, books for the first time:

2013: SoulBreath Lectures, SoulBreath Self-Awareness Course.

2014: Opening of the SoulBreath House, starting ORganised LOvesending (ORLO), IET® courses: Basic, Intermediate, Advance, The Healing Angels of the Energy Field, Steps to Transformation, Pets.

2015: SoulBreath Ascension lecture, SoulBreath Ascension – Golden Master course, SoulBreath 88 Program.

2016:  SoulBreath Spiritual Energy Workshop, IET® for Kids, SoulBreath Ascension-Higher-Self course.

2017: SoulBreath Moon Temple and my first book Roses of Ascension. I became a doTerra® Wellness Advocate and an IET® Master-Instructor Trainer.

2018: I translated the IET Master-Instructor manual into Hungarian and offered the first IET Master-Instructor class in Hungarian.

2019. SoulBreath Ascension-Inner Goddess course, SoulBreath Modern Magdalens workshop.

2020. SoulBreath “Ascension Hour” and my new book ‘Your Ascension” .

2021. I became a certified Feminine Power™ Transformational Facilitator, SoulBreath Get Unstuck workshop, Soul Breath Ascension Program, SoulBreath Your Ascension online workshop series.


I must remember those people who I had the opportunity to learn from in person, who I respect really lot:

I am grateful to Tamás Paulinyi writer and parapsychologist, director of the Synthesis Free University for the three years I spent at the University to find an easy running road with the Synthesis Theory.

I am grateful to Judit Szabó writer, medium and spiritual teacher for her guidance and help to decipher the functioning of my inner senses.

I am grateful to Dr Mária Angster psychologist, clinical paediatrician psychologist, psychoterapist for I could gain insight several times to the „Omniscient Field” with the help of the Hellinger Family Constellations which she put on the map in Hungary.

I am grateful to all lecturers of the SoulBreath (Lélekzet®) Lectures.

I am indebted the Indian Master Acharya Shree Shankar for his initiation (2013) and his Three-Level Meditation and Healing Course where I could learn ancient meditation methods and also for I could practice with his group regularly. I am grateful because he accepted my invitation and for the first time in his life he lectured on his enlightenment in SoulBreath (Lélekzet®) House.

I am grateful to Mieke Michielsen res. IET Master Instructor Trainer living in Belgium for getting the first IET Master Instructor course in the Netherlands and for initiating me the first IET Master-Instructor who lives in Hungary. Further, I am grateful to Mieke for accepting my invitation and displayed her own Angel Diamond® system in Hungary where I helped her work as hostess and translator.

I am grateful to Maria Kramer IET® Master Instructor Trainer (USA) for granting my second and third IET Master initiations and for keeping the first and second Hungarian IET® Master-Instructor courses in September 2015 and September 2016 in the representation of the US Center of Being with me as an official hostess. 

I am grateful to Stevan J. Thayer, the creator of Integrated Energy Therapy ® (IET ®) and the founding director of The Center of Being Inc, for all his support, for his wonderful IET Master-Instructor Trainer course and  IET Trainer attainment (USA, 2017).

I am grateful for my husband’s tolerant support and the Higher Assistance for leading me.

Many Blessings,

Andrea Rozsas