A Guiding Light of Transformation with a Heartfelt Vulnerability

Amidst the clamor and chaos of today’s world, Andrea Rózsás emerges as a beacon of authenticity, offering women a steady compass to navigate the intricate path of self-realization and transformation.

Holding a degree in cultural management, non-profit management and event management and being certified as a Feminine Power™ Transformational Facilitator and Leader, Integrated Energy Therapy® Master-Instructor Trainer, Spiritual Self-awareness trainer, and Sound Therapy Master, Andrea possesses an unparalleled fusion of expertise, intuitive insight, and a deeply woman-centered approach. As a luminary who has intimately traversed the human journey, she stands as a guiding presence for others, revealing the beauty of vulnerability along the path of empowerment. Andrea’s journey is not one of happenstance, but of deliberate refinement. She wields an innate inner sense, honed over time through diligent training. No longer allowing her inner world to unfold in randomness, she has taken conscious control of her remarkable gift. Years of dedicated study under international mentors granted her a wealth of perspectives and profound insights. Yet, her quest for understanding reached far beyond classroom walls. Embracing daily meditation as an integral part of her life, she delved into the enigmatic realms of Ascension, in search of concealed truths that illuminate the path towards higher consciousness. This quest was no mere academic pursuit; it was a spiritual odyssey to unearth profound revelations that would guide seekers toward higher planes of awareness. Through her developed inner perception, understanding and steadfast dedication, Andrea began unraveling the cryptic codes of Ascension, birthing her groundbreaking framework, the Ascension-model. The Ascension-model is an odyssey of transformation, a voyage where the Golden Mean becomes the compass, leading to elevated realms of consciousness. This journey unfolds not in some distant future, but right here and now, allowing individuals to manifest their Higher Self within the realm of the present. This model reflects Andrea’s unwavering commitment to elevating women above their current selves. The Ascension-model is delivered through the Your Ascension workshop series, which is part of Andrea’s system, the Ascension Program.

Beyond her revolutionary framework, Andrea’s teaching legacy spans decades, earning her international recognition as an esteemed educator. However, beneath the facade of strength lies a woman who has confronted profound challenges. Her journey was often one of solitude, straddling two worlds: too spiritual for the rational and too rational for the spiritual. This dichotomy often left Andrea feeling adrift, her true potential hidden from all but a select few.

Yet, it is precisely within these trials that Andrea discovered her unyielding strength. She realized that life could not be lived in halves, squeezed into the molds of either rationality or spirituality. A unique space had to be created—one where her powerful inner perception and intuitive wisdom coexisted harmoniously with theoretical knowledge and pragmatic wisdom. Her connection to her Higher Self, guided by profound understanding, became her North Star, illuminating even the darkest corners of her journey and revealing the very tapestry of human evolution. This very journey, illuminated by her resilience and wisdom, now becomes a guiding torch for modern women. Those who, like Andrea, yearn to transcend confines and embrace their authentic potential are met by her steady guidance.

Andrea’s voyage serves as a testament to the power of inner perception, the importance of common sense, and the equilibrium between rationality and intuition. Her personal experiences of isolation and displacement resonate deeply with the struggles of women on their transformative journeys. Andrea’s authenticity and unwavering commitment to helping women find their place and purpose on a higher plane make her not just a guide, but a kindred spirit within this profound expedition of self-discovery. In Andrea Rózsás, modern women discover an intuitive, empathetic guide who comprehends the intricate facets of the human experience through her own journey. Her vulnerability is her fortitude, and her odyssey stands as a moving testament to the strength found in embracing one’s true self on the path to self-realization.

According to Andrea our life, everything we experience is a constant flow, a process of evolution where one gate opens another and we hold the key.


Andrea, a happily married mother of two, has led hundreds of programmes with thousands of participants. The list below shows what she has learned after graduating with a degree and what courses, workshops and programs she has started, what books she has published.


  • Branded Facilitation Workshop and Women’s Circles Package Certification – The Institute for Woman-Centered Coaching, Training and Leadership (USA).


  • I have put together an individual 3-hour personal program for women called “Individual Personal Transformation”, which consists of Feminine Power™ transformational facilitation, intuitive knowing and individual sound therapy.
  • I offered a new online program for women: Modern women – individual, online transformation


  • introducing the Your Ascension online workshop series that is the 3rd level of the SoulBreath Ascension Program, 
  • introducing the Spiritual Self-awareness Teacher Training, that is the 4th level of the SoulBreath Ascension program,
  • Feminine Power™ Transformational Leader – Leadership Certification Program, one year training with Dr. Claire Zammit Ph.d., The Institute for Woman-Centered Coaching, Training and Leadership (USA).


  • offering the first live, online Ascension Hour, 
  • The world is being transformed and what will happen to me? Your Ascension e-book.


  • Feminine Power™ Transformational Facilitator – Facilitation Certification Program with Dr. Claire Zammit Ph.d., The Institute for Woman-Centered Coaching, Training and Leadership (USA). 
  • introducing SoulBreath Love connections workshop,


  • offering the first IET® Master-Instructor Training in Hungarian,


  • first edition of my ever first book, Roses of Ascension, that is a spiritual self-educating book with a pack of cards,
  • Integrated Energy Therapy® Trainer Certification class – Stevan Thayer, Kingston, USA.


  • offering the Ascension-Higher Self course for the first time, that is the 2nd level of the SoulBreath Ascension Program.


  • Ascension lecture, 
  • offering the Ascension-Golden Master course for the first time, that is the 2nd level of the SoulBreath Ascension Program, 
  • introducing the SoulBreath 88 Program,  
  • Angel Diamond® Source Healing – Mieke Michielsen, Kristallenport, Netherlands.


  • opening the SoulBreath House,
  • Trance and Consciousness – inner journey course, 
  • introducing the ORganised LOvesending, 
  • Integrated Energy Therapy® Master-Instructor Training – Mieke Michielsen,Netherlands,
  • Sound and Vibration Therapy – one year certification training – Hangterápia Központ Budapest.


  • Integrated Alternative Psychology and Religion Psychology Certification Training,  – University Szintézis,
  • introducing the SoulBreath lectures,
  • Ultra-PSY – ultraintensive parapsychologic course 
  • 3-level Meditation and Healing Course (initiation, ancient meditation techniques) – Acharya Shree Shankar enlightened indian master,
  • Satsang – weekly practice with Acharya Shree Shankar enlightened indian master,
  • Introducig the SoulBreath Spiritual Self-awareness one year course that is the 1st level of the SoulBreath Ascension program.


  • Integrated Alternative Psychology and Self-awareness Certification Training,  – University Szintézis.
  • Hermetic asztrology – one year training – University Göncöl,


  • Tarot – one year course,
  • Integrated Alternative Psychology and Parapsychology Certification Training,  – University Szintézis. 


  • Energetic Anatomy – Institute and Association of International and Hungarian Scientific Metaphysical Research.

The LÉLEKZET name and symbol are my officially registered trademarks. In English it is SoulBreath.


I am grateful to Tamás Paulinyi writer and parapsychologist, director of the University Szintézis for the three years I spent at the University to find an easy running road with the Synthesis Theory.

I am grateful to Judit Szabó writer, medium and spiritual teacher for her guidance and help to decipher the functioning of my inner senses.

I am grateful to Dr Mária Angster psychologist, clinical paediatrician psychologist, psychoterapist for I could gain insight several times to the „Omniscient Field” with the help of the Hellinger Family Constellations which she put on the map in Hungary.

I am grateful to all lecturers of the SoulBreath (Lélekzet®) Lectures.

I am indebted the Indian Master Acharya Shree Shankar for his initiation (2013) and his Three-Level Meditation and Healing Course where I could learn ancient meditation methods and also for I could practice with his group regularly. I am grateful because he accepted my invitation and for the first time in his life he lectured on his enlightenment in SoulBreath (Lélekzet®) House.

I am grateful to Mieke Michielsen res. IET Master Instructor Trainer living in Belgium for getting the first IET Master Instructor course in the Netherlands and for initiating me the first IET Master-Instructor who lives in Hungary. Further, I am grateful to Mieke for accepting my invitation and displayed her own Angel Diamond® system in Hungary where I helped her work as hostess and translator.

I am grateful to Maria Kramer IET® Master Instructor Trainer (USA) for granting my second and third IET Master initiations and for keeping the first and second Hungarian IET® Master-Instructor courses in September 2015 and September 2016 in the representation of the US Center of Being with me as an official hostess. 

I am grateful to Stevan J. Thayer, the creator of Integrated Energy Therapy ® (IET ®) and the founding director of The Center of Being Inc, for all his support, for his wonderful IET Master-Instructor Trainer course and  IET Trainer attainment (USA, 2017).

I am grateful to Claire Zammit Ph.D., the founder of Feminine Power and The Institute of Women centered Coaching, Training and Leadership for supporting my own self-actualized contribution to the world.

I am grateful for my husband’s tolerant support and the Higher Assistance for leading me.

Many Blessings,

Andrea Rozsas