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There is no more time to waste. We are creating a NEW EARTH.

’Roses of Ascension’ is the manual of the Ascension which contains theoretical and practical guidence to the Ascension, the transformation that is affecting the whole humanity.

According to my definition, ASCENSION is the collective, inward transformation, sky-rocketing evolution. 

Ascension affects everybody. You too!

This manual helps you to overcome the hardships you meet on your way to Ascension. It contains guidance about your tasks making possible for you to leave the fear-based painful prison of your personality behind as soon as possible and to enter the shining New Golden Age of your Heart. Among many other things, you can find answers in the Roses of Ascension Spiritual Self-Knowledge Book for the questions like why don’t you love yourself after so many efforts and you’ll be given a practical way of defeating the fear and how to use the spiritual knowledge in the everydays.

If you read the book and do the exercises regularly, you can consciously process the signs emerging in your life, you can change the hardships and your negative qualities and you can become more and more happier, you can live a more and more harmonious and complete life. The book and the pack of cards offer you a training you can make independently in your own rhytm and help you to leave the fear-based painful prison of your personality behind as soon as possible and to enter the shining New Golden Age of your Heart. It makes you to concentrate on the actual spiritual self-knowledge and you become more and more conscious. Following the guidances regularly, you can put the teaching into practice which can become a living knowledge of yours on your way of Ascension.

During this, you find your real treasures and roses symbolizing your heart opening for love blossom in the Flower Garden of your Heart.  Our purpose is to leave behind the wheel of the Karma and reach the awareness of the New Golden Age.

Roses of Ascension brings You to a Higher level of consciousness. 

I invite you to a real treasure hunt with the ’Roses of Ascension’!

With love:
Andrea Rózsás

’Roses of Ascension’ offers you:

❤ simple language
❤ guide for users
❤ short teachings on 31 subjects
❤ exercises you can easily complete
❤ simple creative work (colouring)
❤ 31 coloured cards
❤ drawing a card in every third day
❤ using the card after completing the cycle
❤ tools to recognize and transform your hardships
❤ development to a higher level of vibration by love, faith and wisdom
❤ developing of the consciousness
❤ developing of the inner senses
❤ understanding of the methods to get the mastery over your        average environment and how to become an alive character of your life from a puppet
❤ all this in a box you can put into your handbag easily.

Whom do I recommend?

To all spiritual people who want to be (more) conscious and live in peace in a world of harmony and love. Recommended for age 21 and up.

Whom don’t I recommend?

Doing the exercises is not recommended to those who undergo psychiatric therapy without the permission of the therapist and cannot be performed independently by anyone who suffers in disorders which are determined as mental disorders by the medical science. The spiritual development is based on a healthy personality.

”This book is a manual of the discovery of inner harmony and developing of mental and psychic self-knowledge. ’Roses of Ascension’ shows the possibilities of sensing the signs of experience over knowledge and opportunities of receiving the subconscious signals. The author offers a methodology of learning, searching and self-education. Pictures are given as aids for introspection and an illustration of rose to colour it. The inquirer meets a complex and elaborated system. This book is one of the most excellents in this genre.”

dr. Pál Kerekes PhD associate professor, science of literature, science of library


She is an Ascension Teacher, a Spiritual Self-Knowledge Trainer, qualified Sound and Vibration Therapy Master, certified Integrated Energy Therapy® Master-Instructor Trainer,  creator and leader of LELEKZET/SoulBreath courses and the ORganised LOvesending (ORLO)meditation and LÉLEKZET/SoulBreath 88 Ceremony. She is the organiser of the SoulBreath Lectures, leader of the SoulBreath (LÉLEKZET) House, SoulBreath Group and Moontemple, author of the book Roses of Ascension.

Andrea works for Ascension through her spiritual self knowledge teachings with the energy of angels and the expansion of awareness and consciousness. Her courses, workshops and her book are not only informative but also life-changing with offering tools for Ascension, the transformation that is affecting the whole humanity. She has offered hundreds of workshops, courses, events, sessions with thousands of participants.

Andrea is a mother of two beautiful chlidren and lives in a happy marriage.


Spiritual self-knowledge book with a pack of cards

Published by the Author © Andrea Rózsás 2017.
All rights reserved!

Cover, illustrations in the book ’Roses of Ascension’ and the enclosed pack of cards are produced by Zsuzsanna Mészáros. The pictures and its copies can be ordered from the artist except the Rose of Ascension (Golden Rose). E-mail:

Book: p. 172, paperback, adhesive bonding
Pack of cards: 31 coloured cards.
Book and cards in box.
English translation: Richárd Rákócza
Lector: Eilish Neville


Ordering the book and informations:
Price: 18 EUR + postage.
Payment: bank transfer.


’ROSES OF ASCENSION’ Spiritual self-knowledge book with a pack of cards is for sale without postage personally too at actual events of Andrea: 


Rose means love and passion on the physical level and unconditional love on the astral level. Moreover, it keeps a secret on the mental level–a dead secret which had been hidden from the mankind for a very long time. This secret seems to come to light in these times. Secret is not a secret anymore, Light pours on Truth. 

Now I initiate you in this dead secret in order to understand it with your mind, feed it with your heart and be part of it you all!

The secret is the Ascension. You can see the Rose of Ascension in the picture. This is the Golden Rose, the symbol of the Ascension.

We guarded, feeded and fomented this secret for a long time while it took shape. I asked Zsuzsanna Mészáros, my friend to make the Golden Rose. Zsuzsanna became a partner of the Ascension project in 2007. When her painting was ready and I held it in my hand I felt Zsu made it with her heart and from her heart, as I had been sure for it before. Then we guarded it secretly waiting for the time to come. Grateful thanks to you, Zsu!