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Dear Visitors, 

If you find yourself on this website it means you have overcome a number of struggles and battles and you can feel deep inside that the time to make a considerable change has come. It is the change that raises you from the world of fears to the world of love and brings harmony and peace once and for all. 

In October of 2007, I received a sacred vision that the Ascension can be realized,  and I’ve been working with this process since then.

I work towards the Ascension through the teachings of spiritual self-awareness, the development of the inner senses, and the growth of consciousness.  I not only pass on information through my courses, lectures, and books but provide tools for Ascension to help you raise up your life. I have held several hundred courses, workshops, sessions and group events with several thousands of participants.

Welcome to the threshold of a NEW GOLDEN AGE!

Much Love and Wisdom,
Andrea Rozsas


Could this be it?

Unfortunately, what we see happening in the physical world doesn’t point to the fact that the New Golden Age is around the corner. In the physical world, there is plenty of fighting, attacks and struggles, all of which lead to pain and hatred.

How come this is what is happening?

A huge leap forward is on the way in the development of mankind. We’ve arrived at a major turning point. A point where the well-known negative expressions, weak human virtues, powers and energies have to be changed because they have no place in the new world. There’s no place for power-hungry and egoist aspirations, fraud, pretending to be the victim, any other games, compulsive and endless struggles, fighting, suffering, fear and horror.

The contradiction of the (physical) facade and reality is only an illusion. The process has started both on the personal and the collective level, or in other words, both inside and outside! The sharp line between the conscious and unconscious is disappearing. What can be seen is that the harsh, negative weights exiled far to the depths of the unconscious are coming back to the surface with great force, in order to make us see them and wisely turn all bad things into good ones with the power of mercy and love.

We are building a better world.


What is it time for?

A 3,6 million year-old footprint proves that our ancestors walked on two feet even when their brains were about the same size as that of a chimpanzee. The size of the brain of Homo Habilis, a prehistoric man that lived 2 million years ago, is half the size of the brain of modern humans. The Homo sapiens sapiens, which modern humans are a subspecies of, evolved 30,000 years ago. The growth of the brain is increadibly fast during that time. (Reference:

I hope nobody believes that today’s human kind – the one that evolved 30,000 years ago – is the final, fully evolved form of.

December 21st, 2012 was the end of a great cycle according to the Mayans, and the exact date of the beginning of a new cycle at the same time. AMayan great cycle is approximately 26,000 years. If you go back 26,000 years in time, you can see the rapid transformation of humankind. The Neanderthal became extinct in Europe 30,000 years ago. The Neanderthal wasn’t developed enough anatomically to be able to speak. The Homo Sapiens – also known as the modern human – survived and its evolution was outstanding (communication, crafting of tools, rituals, celebrations, culture, music, dance, magic etc)

21st December 2012 is the starting date of our collective ASCENSION. The transformation is becoming visible all over the world. Our generation has the cosmic chance to use the new energies in order to fulfill the next step of human evolution, Ascension and get to the New Golden Age.

A képen nő látható

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ASCENSION is the collective, inner transfromation process and shift of humankind. – Andrea Rozsas.

The time that the human race has been waiting for has come: it’s time for us to be born into this new consciousness. During this process, we transform and become new humans. The mind is expanding to new levels, the level of vibration is rising, people are ascending.

We’ll carry out the new human race, the new Earth and the New Golden Age. WE, who are here NOW! We’ll create a state of peace, harmony and love – the Shambala, the Heaven on Earth. At last, we will be able to live our dreams with the increased creative energy.

What does all this mean?

It means that at the end of the process, people will lead their lives guided by their hearts, more light-heartedly and happily with extended consciousness, empowered inner skills, strengthened faith and trust, purified physical body and without fear.




Ascension Guide, Spiritual Self-awareness Trainer, Transformational Facilitator, Sound Therapy Master, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET®) Master-Instructor Trainer, the creator and leader of the SOUL-BREATH (LÉLEKZET®) courses, ORganised LOvesending (ORLO) and the SoulBreath 88 Program, the author of the book Roses of Ascension and the e-book Your Ascension. 

She works towards the Ascension through the teachings of spiritual self-awareness, the development of the inner senses, and the growth of consciousness. Andrea not only passes on information through her courses, lectures, and books but provides tools for Ascension to help you raise up your life. She has held several hundred courses, workshops, and group events with several thousands of participants. Andrea Rózsás is the mother of two children and is a happily married woman.