The course consists of 4 parts: getting in tune (purification), theory, energetic attunement and work with the Golden energy.

    As a Master of Sound Therapy I consider SOUNDS as a very important part of my courses. At the beginning of the ASCENSION – THE GOLDEN MASTER course the energy field is purified with the help of sounds and instruments of sound therapy, which makes our work safe, effective and ascended.
    A lot of people call it dimension shift, when you shift from the third dimension – the present world – to the fifth dimension. During this process we transform, the consciousness spreads on new levels, the vibration level rises and we ascend. We are becoming a new person. You’ll be informed what happens in the process of Ascension and how it happens. You’ll learn what the religions teach about it, what you can do, what helps transition and what possible difficulties you should face. You can read about Ascension here:
    You must have heard a lot about The Heart Chakra. It helps to experience unconditional love. The Golden Heart Energy Center is a new phenomenon that can be reached now and gives a deeper meaning to Love. Become acquainted with it! The Golden Heart Energy Center is activated during the course.
    Energetic Initiation.
    Meeting the Golden Master: golden energy, golden light, golden power.
    Golden Trinity.
    Shining technique.
    Inner silence.

We have a great work to do. This development happens through the material and TIME HAS COME!

DATE: 2021.



For Ascension course in Hungarian please visit the Hungarian webpage here:

You are very welcome to join us!

Andrea Rozsas


“I’m so happy that I could take part in the first group of your Ascension course, thank you very much. ☺ I’ve already participated in a couple of your courses and all of them were very good and I learnt a lot, but to tell the truth, I felt this one as the strongest and the best. It was exciting from the beginning till the end, full of learning and experience. I liked chanting, the gongs, the meditation, the activation of The Golden Heart Energy Center, the rebalancing very much and the theory was new and interesting. Not to mention that it is an honour that you share your experience and wisdom you get from above. Everybody who knows you returns for a reason. You are the genuine master for us! ☺ I’ve been full of enthusiasm, happiness and peace since then, and I’m waiting for the following week when I can return to the SoulBreath House. Lots of love, Éva Horváth. ”


“The Ascension course was a turning point of my life. It was beyond my imagination. It was a deep and intense day full of surprises and a lot of work. The Golden Energy brought really quick, dramatical and deep changes and it has been happening since then. I feel lucky I could take part in the course and can use this wonderful energy. The follow-up after the course means a lot to me, it helps to understand every process. If I have to use one word for the Golden Energy, I would say it is a MIRACLE.”- Németh Brigitta.


“Thank you so much for this wonderful day. Thanks God I can feel the energies better. This course was a miracle, but I need to practise. I’m really glad I could come. Looking out of the window I can see GOLD everywhere like the leaves!” – É.Á.


„I got so much from the Ascension course, but I would mention only the most important ones. It helped to understand and purify two really deep and painful traumas of my life once and for all. It was a real joy to experience the course from the beginning till the end. When I practise what I learnt I relive that joy and it has become the part of my everydays. Last, but not least, my continuous sickness and nausea caused by my pregnancy has totally disappeared. I’m grateful for that and for everything I’ve mentioned above.”- Zsuzsanna Mészáros.


„The course was wonderful with a lot of experience, peace, harmony and the love we got from you and from one another. It was indescribable. And, of course, there was that safety that came from you, your energy and the place. In fact, it is like my second home. Thank you, I’m grateful.” – Andrea Illés.